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Watch your virtual chart briefing

Watch this mandatory video for detailed information on the cruising area in The Seychelles.

This must be watched by all guests who are acting as crew members prior to arrival at the marina, as failure to watch in its entirety could delay your boat from leaving the dock.

  • To begin watching the video, please click on the play button below.
  • You will then be asked to enter the email address you used to make the booking, along with the booking reference number.
  • Please tick the box at the bottom of the form to submit confirmation that you are ready to watch your chart briefing.
  • The video will then begin to play
  • Please also forward the link for this video to all members of your party who are planning to act as crew members during your trip

Please note that you must watch the video in it's entirety - this will take approximately 30 minutes.

Welcome to Seychelles

We are excited to welcome you to our base in Seychelles.

During this chart briefing video, please pay close attention to the area’s sailing restrictions and become familiar with how to contact the base or authorities should you need assistance when on the water.

We will see you soon.

Length of Video: 30:56

About Virtual Briefings

Spend less time at the marina by watching your mandatory briefings online in advance. On the day you arrive, our base staff will answer questions you should have and ensure you understand the sailing area and yacht operation before you set sail. If you have not watched all of your briefing videos in advance, you will be required to watch these videos or attend an in-person briefing meeting at the base.

You will receive separate emails from The Moorings containing a link to your safety briefing, chart briefing and yacht briefing. Please forward these emails to the rest of your party, so they can become familiar with important safety information.


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